Convolvulus and Consternation

Consternation, -n, a feeling of anxiety, dismay, dread, or confusion. That sums up my emotions when I am in the garden pulling up the never ending bind weed. In my opinion Convolvulus_arvensis  (field bindweed) and it’s roots knit a tight weave underground that we will never get to the bottom of. You can pull and pull and never find the end of the root. This time of year, as it begins going to seed I can’t help but think about each one of those seeds multiplying into more bind weed for me to fight next year,….  Oh the feeling of consternation!

Bind weed responds to roundup but the use of it is prohibited in organic gardening. The good news is that bind weed can be controlled organically with white vinegar. We tried it out and are very pleased with the quick results, we could actually hear a sizzling noise after a good douse of 5% acetic acid.

Left-bind weed treated with 5% vinegar Right -untreated bind weed
Left-bind weed treated with vinegar
Right -untreated bind weed

Use with caution though, as it will kill other foliage. Use in the rock path shown above was just poured on from the gallon jug so no spray could be carried to nearby flowers. Generic brand white distilled vinegar purchased for $2.68/gal proved to be effective, economical and earth friendly.

I have a new appreciation for organic gardeners as I continue the battle against convolvulus and all the other weeds that show up uninvited.

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