Stop and Count Your Blessings!


Two things I have learned this past week~ respect the power of water and count your blessings! With the recent flooding in Colorado there is devastation and loss all around us. Our thoughts and prayers go out to many, many people.


Thankfully we are safe and without damage to our home or neighborhood. While watching and reading the news, there are moments I feel guilty for that.  As Bob and I traveled just a mile or so South of our home we found the Little Thompson out of its banks, washed out bridge abutments, disheveled yards and destroyed homes.  That stopped us in your tracks, and we began to count our many blessings.

If you live in Colorado we urge you to give of your time or resources and help the many people who have experienced great loss.  Times like these truly do bring out the best in others and pull a community together.

To bring a little cheer, I leave you with this picture of the lavender we cut on Friday as we enjoyed some sunshine….and counted our blessings, one by one!


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