Sunrise over the Lavender

photo (1)

On this cold cloudy morning of 36 degrees I found comfort in the photo above that Alan sent us while we were away at the US Lavender growers conference. As pictures often do, they take you back to a memory, a captured moment of time, an emotion. This picture is reflective of a recent revelation I had. 

While attending 2 recent conferences we met many wonderful people with the shared passion for growing lavender. We received information and encouragement from large lavender farmers (with thousands of plants) and small growers alike. Looking at pictures and watching videos of acres of lavender made my heart yearn to walk among the colossal lavender fields as the owner and farmer of one of them. 

Then, at the perfect time this picture evoked a new emotion, not one of envy, but of comfort and contentment.  “Home Sweet Home” and my lavender, a little purple patch of happiness. Each tiny plant put in the ground loving with my own hands, daily nurturing and enjoying a connection to the earth. The amount of plants or acres is not what matters most, it is one’s humble contentment that matters. Mary Engelbreit said it best – “Bloom where you’re planted.”

~Contentment and tranquillity, that is what life is truly about!~

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