Spring in Colorado ~ Tuesday Mow the Grass, Wednesday Shovel Snow!

gh snow peaksLast week a late spring storm brought rain and snow creating our own snowy range on the North side of the greenhouse. Thankfully, we were fortunate to escape tree damage AND the 36 inches that accumulated just 30 miles west of us.

We will be kicking off our growing season with a plant sale this Friday and Saturday, May 26th & 27th, so stop on by if you need replacement plants or a new lavender plant for that spot in your yard that gets full sun.

gh plants 5.14.17

Our greenhouse is only 20 feet wide and 32 feet long, but we have it filled to the brim with plants of all sorts.  To fill some of my boring winter days I played around with propagation techniques, seeds and plugs from wholesale growers creating a mish-mash of plant offerings. The lavender varieties offered this year are Lavendula angustifolias (English varieties) of Munstead, Hidcote, Folgate, Buena Vista, Ellagance Purple & White.  The less hardy lavandin, Provence and Grosso do well as annuals, in a pot or overwintered protecting the plant  like you would a rose bush .   In addition we will also have tomato plants, hanging baskets, succulents, geranium, daisies, verbena, Ipomoea. Of course we will have $1 annual plants in 2 inch pots, perfect for filling pots or spots in the flower beds.  The herb line up is Rosemary, Tarragon, Thyme, Sage, Basil, and mint. We have lots of Pineapple sage and some yummy Strawberry Mint, both are great to muddle with a little sugar and add to your favorite drink or sparkling water.

The lavender plants in the gardens have had their spring hair cuts and are beginning to green up.  We anticipate the bloom time to be early to mid July.  This year  we will be open to visitors 10am-4pm, Thursdays, Fridays and most Saturdays in June and July, closing after harvest is complete in late July.  Watch our website event page and Facebook for announcements regarding the summer markets we will attend.

Make sure you take time out for a little “you” time and a relaxing deep breath of lavender. We look forward to seeing you this summer!

Plant Sale Dates for 2017

Annual Plant Sale May 26th & 27th 10am-4pm


This year we will  again offer varieties of lavender that are cold hardy to Colorado and zone 5, as well as a few varieties that do well in pots as annuals. We are also growing up tomatoes, succulents, annuals and hanging baskets. Our greenhouse if full! Pruning of the lavender bushes is almost complete, the anticipated bloom time for the lavender field is early July. During the months of June & July you are invited to visit our gardens and farm stand Thursday’s, Fridays and some Saturdays, (based on weekend market dates we are finalizing) watch our website and event calendar for more information. As always if you have questions, feel free to email or call. Happy Spring

Growing up in Colorado I learned early that you get to experience all four seasons and many of surprises in the month of April. Spring keeps me on my toes, I know Mother Nature has a sense of humor, I’m pretty sure I can hear her laughing at me! That’s okay because in May I get to enjoy the smell of rain, one of my favorite scents (after lavender of course). Did you know plant oils contribute to the smell of rain? Read about the powerful scent of rain in this article from Smithsonian.com. Next time it rains, step outside and take a deep breath!
I recently found this quote on a tea bag tag and find it appropriate for the season! ~The difference between a flower and a weed is judgment. ~unknown Let your dandelions feed the bee’s, it’s their first meal after a long cold winter in the hive.

Spring Newsletter

Spring makes its own statement, so loud and clear that the gardener seems to be only one of the instruments, not the composer ~ Goffrey B. Charlesworth

Happy First Day of Spring!

Happy Spring from Heritage Lavender! We are busy in the greenhouse growing up little lavender babies for our plant sale in May. Watch our website and Facebook pages for dates and times.

We will enjoy the first day of spring by working outside cleaning up and prepping our flower beds so they will be ready for seeds in late April. We will patiently wait for higher soil temperatures and prime conditions for proper germination. I learned this the hard way one year as I watched the spring rains wash away my expensive organic seeds. That’ll make a gardener cry!

I enjoyed reading this informative article about Spring Equinox from Farmers Almanac , it includes a link to watch a live telescope show today at 4:30EDT. I’ll be watching spring unfold, will you?

February winds blew March in like a lamb with beautiful weather to wet a gardeners appetite. Will it leave like a lion?  This time of year we’re all excited  to get out and play in the dirt, be careful, don’t remove too much protective mulch. Colorado can bring us some heavy wet snow in April. Read more about early spring trickery here from Proven Winners. 

Outside the greenhouse in January ’twas cold & wintery, today it’s warm & sunny, March always brings suprises!
Inside the greenhouse ’tis warm and toasty with a few blooms beginning to appear. This tiny columbine bloom tells us spring is here.

Our First Market Garden Tour

We had the great pleasure to show our market garden to the Hoe and Hope Garden Club (a gardening club since 1964) and serve the members tea and scones during a short presentation on how to make a lavender oatmeal soak.

If you are interested in scheduling a market garden tour, please email us at heritagelavender@gmail.com or call us at (303) 514-6504. We can accommodate groups up to 20 people in size!

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