Lavender Varieties

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This spring,the greenhouse at Heritage Lavender is able to offer more lavender varieties than in previous years, while continuing to focus on the lavenders that grow well here in our area. When the greenhouse is fairly empty during the winter it appears as if there will be plenty of room for all sorts of plants. Then, within just a few weeks it fills up fast and becomes a game of tetris to find space for everything. So, in order to make room for more than one thousand lavender plants, we have unfortunately decreased the amount of annuals to be offered this year and have foregone the tomato plants. Don’t fret though – we will still have some $1 annuals, herbs, and  hanging baskets.

Below is a list of varieties to peruse with links for more information.

2018 Lavender Varieties 

Lavandula angustifolia (aka English)

Blue Cushion


Hidcote Blue

Hidcote Pink


Ellagance Purple

Ellagance Snow

Buena Vista 


Twickle Purple 

Miss Katherine 

Platinum Blonde

Lavandula x. Intermedia (aka Lavandin or French)



This is a list of all the varieties of Lavender that we are currently growing in the field. The lavender varieties in our main plot have been proven to over-winter in Colorado, while our test plot contains lavender varieties whose hardiness we are experimenting with.


Lavandula angustifolia Varieties


Buena Vista

A perfect purple hue, a robust grower and one of our best performers. Sought after for its sweet fragrance, this continuous bloomer will blanket the garden in lavender all summer and is a good choice for culinary use.


Croxton’s Wild

The blossoms appear white when opening, eventually changing to bright violet. This is one of the first to bloom in the spring, has a long-lasting aroma and is a vigorous grower.

photo (28)


These flowers seem to be an almost iridescent periwinkle blue. Known to be particularly hardy in colder climates and has performed very well here. My personal favorite for culinary use.



Violet blue blossoms this variety is considered one of the best angustifolia varieties for oil distillation. The aroma is wonderful, but it is quite finicky about it’s habitat.



A light pink flower, it is often used for culinary purposes. Some describe it as having a peppery hint, making it a good choice for savory dishes.


Miss Kathrine

One of the darkest-flowering pink varieties of lavender, the long stems and fragrance make this a nice accent flower in arrangements.


Royal Purple

This bushy compact variety of purple blooms and grey green foliage, makes a good choice for hedges.


Royal Velvet

Deep violet blooms in early summer and one of the best varieties for fresh or dried bouquets.



Purple blue blooms on a nice long stem.  A wonderful fragrance, and is great for sachets – hence the name.


Lavandula x. intermedia Varieties


The flower spikes have a hint of blue along the flower buds.

Fat Spike Grosso

This is a great choice for wands and sachet. The flower buds have plenty of oil, offering a long lasting aroma.

Gros Bleu

A variety with a deep, almost navy-blue color that dries well for potpourri. It has a light, clean lavender fragrance.

Impress Purple

A great choice for fresh bouquets. The dusty purple flower spikes appear brushed with silver when held up to the sun.


The fragrance is similar to angustifolia, and this variety is often used in oil production.

True Grosso

A hardy variety perfect for northern climates, it has a strong and clean fragrance which are great for bouquets. It also has a high oil content.


Lavandula x. chaytorae Varieties

Ana Luisa

One of the largest varieties of the Lavandula x. chaytorae species, it has long stems that bloom in a rounded shape.



Test Plot Varieties

All our test plot lavender varieties are Lavandula angustifolia unless otherwise noted.

Blue Mountain

Betty’s Blue

Coconut Ice

Faire Pink

French Fields

Hidcote Pink

Irene Doyle


Silver Frost (Lavandula x. Chaytorae)

Tucker’s Early

Tuscan Blue (Lavandula x. intermedia)

Twickle Purple

4 thoughts on “Lavender Varieties

  1. We are looking for lavender for my wedding. We are wondering how we can buy it. Let me know, thank you.

    Breanna Olson

    1. We sell both cuttings and plants. Plants are sold in 3.5″ pots of the varieties that perform best in our area. We also offer a few lavenders that are not winter hardy for zone 5 but can be enjoyed as annuals or planted in a pot. Our annual plant sale will be May 26 & 27th. If you would like plants prior to that I will have a few ready as soon as May 15. You are welcome to email or call for more informative. Thank you!

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