Happy Earth Day!

Today is Earth Day, a fantastic and wonderful holiday that goes hand-in-hand with springtime. Here at Heritage Lavender we have some saplings that we received for donating to the Arbor Day Foundation. Did you know that one tree generates enough oxygen for two people? We’re very excited to find new homes for our twelve new trees!

Saplings from Arbor Day and Rubatos from Friend

We have also freshly broken the ground for our second patch of lavender. This, coupled with the Greenhouse that we have laid the foundation for, will make for quite the busy summer. Our number of lavender plants will roughly double with this new patch. We have seeded some grass between the two fields for a nice place to enjoy some lavender tea and fragrances right off the plant.
Soil Prepped for New Plot

Our existing lavender has started to wake up out of its winter dormancy, with new growth already coming in. Soon our lavender fields will have a nice blueish-purple hue to them as the lavender begins to flower. We can accommodate any visitors if you would like to see them in bloom!
Lavender out of Dormancy

Our strawberries in our kitchen garden are also beginning to bloom, along with our perennial herbs.Strawberries in Bloom

And lastly, here is a fantastic fact-sheet from the CSU Extension about growing Lavender in Colorado: http://www.ext.colostate.edu/pubs/garden/07245.html

Our Progress in Pictures

After two years of research, study, hard work, and extremely beneficial help from our family, we are finally achieving the goals of our dreams.


We started preparing the property for the lavender plot in April 2013 by adding a water line. We had to remove a section of the driveway to get the water line to the other side of the property.






After preparing the property, we ordered 260 certified organic lavender plants from Sage Creations in Palisade, Colorado.


After we had the plants, we had to shape the plot to prepare it for planting.



Afterwards, we placed a black mat over the plot to stop weeds from growing and choking out the lavender plants.



After the weed barrier was down, the plot was finally ready to be planted.



After three laborious months, we now have all the lavender in the ground, irrigated and ready to grow.


Within the year, we will have bundles of many varieties of lavender and a considerable assortment of lavender products for you to peruse and purchase. We hope you will be able to visit Heritage Lavender soon!