Lavender Mint Tea Recipe

Original recipe makes 4 servings

  1. 1/4 cup fresh lavender buds and petals removed from stem
  2. 1/2 to 1 cup of fresh mint leaves based on how much mint flavor you desire
  3. 4 cups of water
  4. Place lavender buds & petals along with mint leaves into a saucepan, pour water over lavender and mint, and bring to a boil. Turn heat to low and simmer tea until flavor is your desired strength, 15 to 20 minutes. Strain out mint and lavender petals and serve tea hot. If you prefer, let strained tea cool before serving over ice.
  5. For a refreshing ice tea, simmer leaves in 2 cups of water, let cool and add 2 cups of sparkling water with a slice of lemon.

Burgeoning Lavender

We have had some unexpected early growth and there will be a small harvest of a limited supply of English and French bundles.  Please contact me (at or (303) 514-6504) if you are interested in purchasing a bundle locally.

The lavender plants have been in the ground 40 plus days and are flourishing.

Dirt (technically it is well amended soil), water, sunshine, lots of TLC and the growth rate is surprising.  It is recommended that the spikes be removed the first year of planting in order to push the energy toward root development, but the plants are so hardy and full of energy they just keep sending up spikes. Knowing that pruning lavender is essential to its survival I try to keep up with the removal of the spikes, but oh how I long to just let them grow. I have cut back the spikes 4 separate times, but now have decided to give the plants the freedom they desire and just let them grow!  

I try to tell myself cutting the spikes will be worth it. But will it??  I am anxious to see the results of this research project about keeping the spikes unpruned being done in Palisade, CO.

The pictures below show the growth difference between day 1 and day 41.

Various lavender varieties in 3.5 inch pots the day of planting, June 1, 2013
Buena Vista 41 days after planting.
Buena Vista (L. Angustifolia-English Lavender) 41 days after planting, August 11, 2013. Buena Vista is a good for culinary use as well as fragrant long lasting dried bouquets.

Here are a few other pictures of flowers from our gardens near the lavender patch.

Purple Bee Balm (Monarda)
Purple Bee Balm (Monarda)
morning glories
Morning Glories
Butterfly attracted to the Butterfly bush
Butterfly attracted to the Butterfly bush
gardeners never sit still
Cosmos growing through a chair, proof gardeners never sit still.

To market, to market…

to drop off a few bundles! Mary’s Market (located in cozy Hygiene, Colorado) let me put up a few lavender bundles for sale this afternoon. Fresh English lavender is ready for a new home at $6 for a small bundle, and $12 for a large. I added some instructional cards so you can get the most out of your purchase – remember that lavender does great dried out as a homemade potpourri! Head on over, and check out the rest of the shop while you’re at it (I just had to grab some of their ice cream to keep cool in this heat!).

My little display at Mary's Market
My little display at Mary’s Market
Right at the heart of the town!
Right at the heart of town!