It’s Bloomn’ Time

It’s About Bloomn’ Time….. at Heritage Lavender You’re invited to visit our little patch of purple on  July 1 & 2 10am – 4pm  With the peak performance of color in our field of nearly 600 plants, we will soon start harvesting. Before we begin,  celebrate “Bloomn’ Time” with us and enjoy nature’s gifts of beauty and aroma … Continue reading It’s Bloomn’ Time

Happy Earth Day!

Today is Earth Day, a fantastic and wonderful holiday that goes hand-in-hand with springtime. Here at Heritage Lavender we have some saplings that we received for donating to the Arbor Day Foundation. Did you know that one tree generates enough oxygen for two people? We’re very excited to find new homes for our twelve new … Continue reading Happy Earth Day!

Need some “Tranquility” in your Holidays? Add Lavender!

A little chaos and stress in life is inevitable but during the month of December it seems to skyrocket!  According to the Encyclopedia of Aromatherapy by Chrissie Wildwood “Stress occurs when the natural equilibrium of the body and mind is upset, often as a result of …..excessive demands made on an individual’s mental and physical … Continue reading Need some “Tranquility” in your Holidays? Add Lavender!

Sunrise over the Lavender

On this cold cloudy morning of 36 degrees I found comfort in the photo above that Alan sent us while we were away at the US Lavender growers conference. As pictures often do, they take you back to a memory, a captured moment of time, an emotion. This picture is reflective of a recent revelation … Continue reading Sunrise over the Lavender

Why Lavender?

Over the past several months many people have asked “Why are you growing lavender?” I’ve finally formulated a response: Serenity.  Some plants can grab your attention while you are pursuing in a greenhouse or garden center, and some just gently pull you in, affecting all 5 senses. Lavender is one plant I have always been … Continue reading Why Lavender?

Our Progress in Pictures

After two years of research, study, hard work, and extremely beneficial help from our family, we are finally achieving the goals of our dreams. ——————————————- We started preparing the property for the lavender plot in April 2013 by adding a water line. We had to remove a section of the driveway to get the water … Continue reading Our Progress in Pictures